Looking for easy cocktails to make at home? We've got espresso martinis, Aperol spritzes and daiquiris for you to try. Other easy cocktails to make in our collection include cosmopolitans, margaritas, sangrias and much more.


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71 easy cocktail recipes

Espresso martini

One of the coolest cocktails around, this punchy little number blends hot espresso and vodka for a smooth, rich result. A great after-dinner drink.

A martini glass filled with espresso martini on a grey background

Passion fruit martini

Add both sharpness and sweetness to your next martini with fresh passion fruit and lime juice. Vanilla vodka, if you have it, works well in this recipe.

Two martini glasses filled with passion fruit martini, topped with passion fruit half

Purple rain

This classic cocktail gets it unusual colour from a combination of blue curaçao and grenadine. Perfect for a retro dinner party or birthday drinks.

Three different shaped cocktail glasses filled with a purple drink, ice cubes and lime wedges on a blue background

Zombie cocktail

Like your cocktails intense? This punchy cocktail comes packed with three types of rum, anise liqueur and Angostura bitters.

Three tall zombie cocktails with fruit in the background

Tuxedo cocktail

Savour the sophistication of this sleek tuxedo cocktail, a close cousin to the classic martini, with a distinctive twist. Instead of vermouth it uses dry fino sherry to lend an appetisingly nutty edge.

A cocktail glass with a twist of lemon on top


A simple mix of cognac, lemon juice and Cointreau, this cocktail is zingy, citrussy, and perfect for those who like a sour cocktail.

A sidecar cocktail with lemon peel garnish beside a bronze cocktail shaker

Woo woo

This fruity recipe calls for fewer than 5 ingredients and is ready to serve in 2 minutes. What could be better than that?

Two pink cocktails in tall glasses garnished with a slice of lime


Bourbon adds a rich, rounded edge in this boulevardier, mixed with Campari and sweet vermouth.

A dark red cocktail in a tumbler with a twist of orange peel on the rim

Blueberry margarita

The spiced salt rim is the cherry on top of this fruity take on a classic cocktail.

A short glass filled with a bright red cocktail with a slice of lime and salted rim

Old fashioned

A seriously sophisticated cocktail, the old fashioned calls for just four ingredients. It's a punchy, mature and super-classy option.

Easy Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Manhattan cocktail

Live like a trendy New Yorker with our classic Manhattan recipe. It's best served in a coupe glass, with an illuminous cocktail cherry to garnish.

A Manhattan cocktail served in a coupe glass


Make like Carrie Bradshaw and fix yourself a cosmo this evening. A deliciously sweet-tart concoction, it only requires four ingredients, plus a little orange peel to garnish.

Cosmopolitan Recipe

White russian

Vodka, coffee liqueur and cream is all it takes to make this smooth, classic cocktail. Serve in an old fashioned glass to be really authentic.

White Russian Recipe

Sloe gin fizz

This twist on a classic gin fizz swaps regular gin for sloe gin, which you can make at home.

Two tall glasses of sloe gin fizz, garrnished with a lemon slice and maraschino cherry

Sex on the beach

This citrussy serve is perfect for sunny days and is made with just a handful of ingredients.

Sex on the beach cocktail in glass with straw

Blue lagoon

Our simple blue lagoon recipe mixes vodka with blue curaçao, lemonade and lime juice, and is garnished with a maraschino cherry.

Blue lagoon cocktail in glass with cherry garnish

Classic bellini

Whip up this three-ingredient cocktail for a quick and easy drink that’ll go down a treat at your next dinner party.

Bellini cocktail in a tall glass

Tequila sunrise

This easy recipe can be mixed up in just 2 minutes – simply pour the tequila, orange juice and triple sec into an ice-filled highball glass, mix gently, then slowly pour over the grenadine.

Tequila sunrise in glass with orange and cherry

Classic daiquiri

The perfect balance of sweet and tart, try this classic daiquiri recipe at your next drinks party.

Daiquiri cocktails in glasses on tray with lime wheels

Buck's fizz

Whip up a sophisticated buck’s fizz in minutes with our easy recipe – use crémant instead of champagne, if you like.

Buck's fizz in glasses

White wine sangria

Our simple white sangria with delicate elderflower and seasonal fruity flavours is perfect for alfresco dining.

White sangria in jug and glasses

Spicy margarita

Raise a glass with this easy tequila cocktail with a kick of chilli for extra warmth – try swapping tequila for mezcal for a smokier flavour.

Margarita in a glass with salt-coated rim

Gin fizz

All you need is 5 minutes to make this delicate, summery gin fizz cocktail.

A tall glass filled with a light peach-coloured cocktail with a foamy top and garnished with a slice of lemon on a terrazzo board

Mezcal sour cocktail

Omri McNabb's cocktail from The Palomar restaurant sees mezcal mixed with pisco, aperitivo, egg whites, lime juice and cranberry bitters.

Pink cocktail in a nick and nora glass


The mojito is such a summertime classic. Starring fresh mint and rum, it's super refreshing and sure to whisk you away to the Caribbean.

Three glasses of mojito, filled with ice, limes and garnished with mint leaves

Black russian

Make this classic dark cocktail with vodka and coffee liqueur. Serve in an old fashioned glass with ice for an elegant after-dinner drink you can make in minutes.

A selection of Christmas cocktails lined up in a row


Try this super-chic cocktail at your next drinks party, combining gin, vermouth and maraschino liqueur with bitters.

A red cocktail in a stemmed glass on a windowsill

Pineapple and schichimi margarita

Take the classic margarita somewhere new and refreshing with this pineapple twist.

A Pineapple and shichimi margarita with a red flaked rim in a coupe glass


Sip this spritz before a meal – mixing sparkling wine with Campari (any bitter aperitif will do), and soda water.

A red spritz cocktail with an olive on a skewer

Piña colada

Best drunk in the sun on holiday, piña coladas really are the bee's knees. Transport yourself to the tropics by recreating our perfect recipe at home.

Piña colada cocktail in a glass, with pineapple wedge garnish

Paper plane cocktail

This four-ingredient cocktail from Maria G’s balances bourbon with amaro – a bitter-sweet herbal liqueur. It makes a great digestif.

A cocktail in a stemmed glass with a twist of lemon peel on top

Mai tai

If you’re into rum, give your weekend a tropical twist with our mai tai, a super fruity cocktail and heady mix of two types of rum, orange curacao, almond syrup and lime juice.

Two mai tai cocktails topped with fresh mint

Mezcal paloma

Check out this quick and easy summer cocktail recipe with mezcal, zesty limes and sweet yet slightly bitter grapefruit juice. A paloma is usually made with tequila but using mezcal instead adds a lovely smoky edge to the drink.

Mezcal Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Apricot bellini

Blitz up fresh apricots in this summery version of a classic Italian prosecco cocktail.

Bellini Cocktail Recipe with Apricots

Gimlet cocktail

This easy gimlet sees gin mixed with lime syrup, lime juice and mint, making a simple yet refreshing tipple.

A small coupe glass filled with a lime cocktail with a wheel of lime and sprig of mint

Long island iced tea

This classic, easy-drinking cocktail combines vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec. Serve with plenty of ice.

an amber-cooured cocktail in a tall glass next to a silver cocktail shaker with wedges of lime

Classic whisky highball

Made with just two ingredients, our whisky highball recipe is winningly easy to make.

A classic whisky highball garnished with mint and lemon against a pink background

Amaretto sour

This Amaretto sour looks impressive and only requires four ingredients, making it perfect for a round of drinks to present at your next dinner party.

An amaretto sour in a tumbler topped with a cherry, with a napkin on the side

Banana daiquiri

This simple assortment of banana, white rum and cointreau is easy to mix yet offers impressive results, perfect for a refreshing cocktail without any of the fuss.

Banana daiquiri

French martini

This twist on a classic martini offers fruity, fragrant flavours thanks to the raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice, making it the perfect refresher for a hot summer’s day.

Two French martinis with a cocktail shaker in the background

Tawny port and tonic

A cocktail that requires only two ingredients is just what you want at the end of a long day. Match nutty tawny port with tonic water and a sprig of thyme to garnish.

A graphic design of a dark red and white cocktail with a wedge of lemon and ice

Black Mout Montserrat cocktail

This vibrant rum-based cocktail from Brixton restaurant Caribe’ features a punchy mix of spiced rum, ginger ale, lime and bitters.

A wooden table topped with a rum cocktail, with silver cocktail shakers and a wedge of lime on the side

Americano cocktail

This classic cocktail requires just three ingredients: vermouth, Campari and sparkling water. Garnish with a wedge of orange.

A green background with a tall glass filled with a red cocktail and a wedge of orange


Check out our quick and easy recipe for this punchy Italian aperitif. We've kept this one classic, but try plenty of twists here, including sbagliatos, cynar negronis and more.

Negroni drink recipe

Frozen margarita

Recreate your favourite tequila cocktail at home with this no-fuss frozen margarita, served in a salt-crusted glass for extra flair.

Two frozen margaritas with lime wedges in the background

Vesper martini

In this martini recipe, Lillet Blanc, a wine-based aperitif from France, is shaken with gin and vodka and served with a twist of lemon.

Two martini glasses on a tile

Spiced sidecar

A warming, cold-weather cocktail made using homemade spiced brandy. Omit the spices for a classic sidecar cocktail, or try using bourbon if you can’t find cognac.

Sidecar cocktail in a coupe glass with a bottle of red liquid behind

Grasshopper cocktail

This retro, three-ingredient drink of crème de menthe, white crème de cacao and single cream makes for an ideal dessert cocktail or festive party tipple.

A blue cocktail garnished with a sprig of green mint

Frozen strawberry daiquiri

It's party time! Grab strawberries, rum, lime juice and ice, then blitz it all together for quick-as-you-like homemade cocktails.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Whisky sour

In a whisky sour, the lemon juice is (almost) as vital as the bourbon. A generous, foamy top is what you're aiming for with this drink.

Whisky Sour Recipe


Mojito fans in particular will love this light, zesty yet punchy cocktail, which is Brazil's national drink.

Caipirinha Recipe

Sake and tonic

Use sake instead of gin to create a crisp, refreshing, low-ABV drink – perfect for sipping at parties.

Sake and Tonic Recipe

Raspberry daiquiri

A classic with a twist, this bright-red concoction uses fresh raspberries, lots of lime juice and white rum. A fruity, refreshing cocktail, perfect for summer.

Raspberry Daiquiri Recipe

Dark and stormy punch

Want an easy rum punch recipe? Check out this quick and easy summery concoction with tropical pineapple, zesty limes and fiery ginger.

Dark and Stormy Punch Recipe

PX Manhattan

Pedro ximénez sherry is the key to this clever riff on a classic manhattan, which is best sipped on a winter's evening.

Sherry Manhattan Recipe

Pineapple whisky sour

Like a whisky sour, but with the added wonder of pineapple juice. Adding a little fruit makes this whisky cocktail light and refreshing.

Pineapple Whisky Sour Recipe

Negroni sbagliato

Swapping the gin for prosecco makes for a lighter negroni and softens the bitterness, meaning this is an ideal aperitif for those who find a classic negroni a bit much.

Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail Recipe

Margarita cocktail

Shake up this classic tequila cocktail for a refreshing tipple that's perfect for summer.

Margarita in a glass with copper cocktail shaker and a plate of limes behind

Sake martini

Swap vermouth for sake in this Japanese-inspired take on the classic cocktail.


Lagerita cocktail

This largertia takes the tequila from a classic margarita and combines it with beer. Make this quick and easy cocktail for a simple but refreshing drink this summer.

Lagerita Cocktail Recipe

Lychee martini

For an elegant aperitif to serve at your next drinks party, make this fruity and silky lychee martini from London bar Humble Chicken.

a pale pink liquid being poured into a martini glass from a copper cocktail shaker

Mezcal and elderflower highball

Mix up a round of highballs, where mezcal is topped with rose water and grapefruit and garnished with edible flowers.

Highball glass filled with mezcal and elderflower cocktail and rose garnish

Frozen peach margaritas

Nothing quite says summer like a frozen margarita and we've given it a fruity twist with this recipe for frozen peach margaritas. They're easy to make and perfect for a boozy dessert.

Frozen Margarita Recipe with Peaches

Sake cider fizz

Spike sparkling cider with sake and yuzu juice for an elegant, easy-drinking cocktail.

Cider Cocktail Recipe with Sake

White negroni

Campari is replaced with Suze in this herbal, citrussy take on a negroni.

A short tumbler with ice and a white negroni cocktail in garnished with a grapefruit peel

Rhubarb and rose gin fizz

We’ve given a classic ramos gin fizz an update, swapping the usual orange blossom water for rose water and adding a touch of homemade rhubarb syrup to give it a blush of pink. It’s delicate in flavour and creamy enough to replace dessert.

Valentines Cocktail For Gin Fizz With Rhubarb Syrup

Passion fruit caipirinha

A passion fruit twist on the punchy Brazilian cocktail, this is an ideal drink for those warm summer evenings.

Passion Fruit Caipirinha Recipe

Sherry sour

Want a simple cocktail recipe for the festive season? Impress friends and family with our easy-drinking sherry sour.

sherry sour

Mezcal, pineapple and jalapeño smash

The smoky notes of the mezcal work wonderfully with the grilled pineapple and gentle heat from the chilli in this spicy drink. It’s simple to make and can easily be made into a jug cocktail for a crowd.

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Mezcal Cocktail Recipe with Pineapple And Jalapeño

Strawberry margarita slushies

Stay cool this summer with these refreshing strawberry margarita slushies. These fruity drinks are super quick and easy to make, a perfect crowd pleaser.

Strawberry Margarita Slushie Recipe | Strawberry Granita Recipe

Coco no loco

Spike the coconut water with Diplomatico Blanco for a slightly more virtuous cocktail.

White Rum Cocktail Recipe with Coconut

Marmalade and mandarin mojito

Marmalade mojitos make a deliciously jammy cocktail, made to look really delicious with mandarin slices and star anise. Try this five minute cocktail recipe for an easy refresher.

Mojito Recipe with Marmalade and Mandarin

Calypso coffee

Strong coffee is spiked with coffee liqueur and rum before being topped with a snow-white layer of cream. It's great for the festive season and is easy to whip up at home.

A ribbed glass of coffee with white cream on the top, garnished with two coffee beans next to a wooden bowl of coffee beans

Savoury cocktail lovers should try this – we like using the brine from a jar of gherkins or, for an aromatic twist, try brine from a jar of preserved lemons.

A martini glass filled with vermouth and gin and topped with a pickle

Banana daiquiri

Transport yourself to a sunny beach with this fruity daiquiri cocktail, bursting with tropical and summery flavours including banana and white rum.

Banana daiquiri


Mojito fans in particular will love this light, zesty yet punchy cocktail, which is Brazil's national drink. A properly refreshing sip for a summer's day.

Caipirinha Recipe

Pineapple whisky sour

Pineapple juice adds a refreshing fruity twist to the classic whisky sour, as well as giving it a lighter edge. Try this recipe to see what we mean.

Pineapple Whisky Sour Recipe

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