Looking for homemade bread recipes? Want to create the perfect sourdough loaf at home? Baking fresh bread is one of the most rewarding experiences a baker can have. Follow our step-by-step recipes from our expert cookery team to bake soda bread, quick rye bread, sourdough loaves and more.


For something a bit sweeter, bake our glazed apricot breakfast bread or one of our bagels recipes to enjoy with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Easy homemade bread recipes

Easy bread rolls

These super-soft, simple-to-make rolls work brilliantly as a breakfast or sandwich roll and are lovely with a bowl of hot soup for dunking.

Easy bread rolls

Wholemeal bread

This quick and easy loaf only takes 20 minutes of hands-on time, perfect for a mini weekend project.

A loaf of wholemeal bread with a couple of slices cut out, on a black board with a knife and knob of butter on the side


Set some time aside this weekend to make your own ciabatta – the Italian bread that can be used for anything from toasties and garlic bread to bruschetta.

Two loaves of ciabatta on a wooden board with a bottle of oil and bowl of balsamic vinegar, one sliced into pieces

Listen to our podcast interview with author, therapist and baker Pauline Beaumont, who talks about how breadmaking can aid emotional and psychological wellbeing and the many ways in which baking our own loaves can teach us valuable life lessons.

Tiger bread

With its crunchy exterior and soft, pillowy centre, tiger bread is a great bake to master – perfect for a weekend project.

A crackled loaf of bread with slices taken out of it and butter on the side

Easy baguettes

Arguably the crustiest bread you’ll ever make, have a go at baking our best-ever baguettes with a little help from our baking expert.

Three baguettes on a surface with a knife

White bread loaf

Master a classic with this easy-to-follow white bread recipe, it’s a brilliant loaf for sandwiches and toasting.

White loaf of bread cut into slices

Sourdough bread recipe

olive cookery writer and ex-baker Adam Bush shares his bread-making expertise for sourdough. Learn how to create your own starter (no yeast needed), then how to craft the perfect sourdough loaf with our step-by-step guide, using just flour and water.

Sourdough, part 2

Gluten-free bread

Those avoiding gluten shouldn’t have to miss out on bread – make this easy loaf and serve your favourite soup for dunking.

A loaf of bread on a wooden board with a slice cut out of the end and spread with butter

Focaccia bread with rosemary and olive oil

Check out our simple but flavour-packed focaccia with rosemary and olive oil. This incredibly moreish bread recipe is easy to make and perfect to tear and serve.

Focaccia Bread Recipe With Rosemary and Olive Oil

Chocolate babka

Try this marbled Jewish babka with thick chocolate filling for a weekend baking project. Best served warm with your favourite cuppa.

Loaf marble cake on a plate with a slice cut out and a slice on a circular plate next to a tea

Soda bread

An easy bread recipe that takes less than an hour. Ideal for when you're in a hurry, it uses just four ingredients. This soda bread is made with a mix of wholemeal and plain flour.

Soda bread with chunk torn off

Homemade bagels

Make perfect, chewy bagels with our easy step-by-step guide. It calls for simple ingredients, a little patience and some basic kneading.

Easy Bagel Recipe

Rye bread with dates

If you love making your own bread, this recipe is for you! The dark rye flour and sweet dates are a perfect pairing and this dark loaf goes brilliantly with cheese.

Rye Bread Recipe With Dates

Muesli loaf

Our muesli loaf recipe makes a dense, nutty loaf a little like soda bread. Packed with oats, coconut, nuts and fruit, we think it's great for breakfast. Make your own muesli with this recipe...

A large loaf of bread packed with oats, coconut, nuts and fruit, served on a round black plate

Rye bread

For an easy-to-follow bread recipe, bake a loaf of this rich rye bread and fill your kitchen with nutty aromas.

Dark Rye Bread loaf sliced with knife and butter

Spring onion and turmeric kefir soda bread

Serve your golden homemade soda bread (made with kefir, spring onions and rolled porridge oats) with lashings of salted kefir butter.

Soda Bread Recipe With Homemade Kefir Butter

Quick bread with carrots and walnuts

This multi-purpose quick bread works for breakfast, brunch, or just served up with a nice cup of tea. The carrots. walnuts and yogurt give it a really moist texture. Spread with cream cheese for extra indulgence.

Quick Bread Recipe For Carrot and Walnut Bread

Hot tomato, feta and rosemary bread

Use slow-roasted chilli tomatoes from a jar as a quick flavour explosion to top this easy sharing bread.

Rosemary Bread Recipe with Tomatoes and Feta

Cheddar soda bread with spring onion butter

No yeast? No problem! Whip-up a batch of cheesy Irish soda bread for lunch, with lashings of homemade spring onion butter on top.

cheddar soda bread

Pull-apart garlic bread

Garlic bread is always a crowd-pleaser. This is our recipe for the best-ever tear-and-share garlic bread which not only looks fantastic, but is packed with mozzarella and parmesan as well as the garlic butter. It'll be your new favourite.

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Pull Apart Garlic Bread Recipe

Cheese, onion and sriracha garlic bread

Looking for a garlic bread recipe? Try this cheesy garlic bread to serve with your weekend comfort food.

Cheesy Garlic Bread with Sriracha Hot Sauce

Monkey bread with cheese

Try our monkey bread ultimate pull apart bread – little dough balls stuffed with cheddar, mozzarella and jalapeños served with smoky tomato sauce for dipping.

Easy Monkey Bread Recipe

Roti canai

This roti canai recipe is an easy bread recipe that is great to serve with curry. Our recipe is for the classic crisp layered bread. It's easy to make, all you need is a well oiled surface.

Easy Roti Canai with Vegetable Curry Recipe

Black vinegar mushroom naan

Looking for a naan bread recipe? Check out this veggie naan from Neil Rankin's latest restaurant, Temper City. Packed with plenty of flavour this naan bread is the ideal side to have with your weekend curry. Plus, it's low in calories too.

Easy Naan Bread Recipe with Mushrooms

Cheat’s bacon brioche subs

A brioche roll can really take your burger or hotdog to the next level. This recipe for cheat's bacon brioche subs is really easy to make and can be made into whatever shape you need. Try with our hotdog recipes...

Bacon Brioche Bun Recipe

Marmite bread

A really unusual bread recipe to try from Sixtyone in Marylebone. We've asked them to share their recipe with us here for a really indulgent marmite bread. Pair with our other marmite ideas for extra indulgence...

Easy Marmite Bread Recipe

Olive bread

Try our best olive bread recipe, made with olive paste and 4:1 white and dark rye flour. Delicious on it's own for a tea-time treat or served with soup.

Olive Bread Recipe

Glazed apricot breakfast bread

Make a dough like a Danish pastry and dot with fresh apricots, then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar before cooking. This bread is best eaten warm. Looking for breakfast ideas? Check out our breakfast section here for muffins, on-the-go recipes, avocado on toast and more...

Apricot Breakfast Bread Recipe


Pair your homemade bread with one of our warming soup recipes

Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe with Cheese Dippers

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