A more practical solution to the classic cake tin, a springform cake tin makes releasing cakes, cheesecakes, loaves and pastries a doddle, as all the sides of the tin simply pull away.


Springform cake tins are very versatile. Of course they can be used to make a whole host of delicious cakes, such as this Caribbean rum cake or Oreo cake. They’re also ideal for cheesecakes (which is what we made to test them out): check out our best cheesecake recipes for inspiration. Springforms form a tight seal, so are handy to use as moulds for desserts including ice cream cake. Not just reserved for sweet dishes, you can use your springform for pies, such as this venison pie or spring chicken pie.

Take a look at our best fruity cake recipes, easy cake recipes and best layer cake recipes for inspiration. And for more appliance reviews, take a look at our best coffee machines review, best brownie tins, best tart tins and best stand mixers round-up, to get your baking started.

Best springform cake tins at a glance:

  • Best simple springform cake tin: Circulon springform cake tin, £13.59
  • Best springform cake tin: KitchenAid springform cake tin, £23
  • Best springform cake tin for eco credentials: Samuel Groves springform cake tin, £8.49
  • Best easy to use springform cake tin: Lakeland springform cake tin, £11.99
  • Best colourful cake tin: Prestige Nadiya Hussain springform cake tin, £24
  • Best springform cake tin for range of sizes: ProCook springform cake tin, £7.99
  • Best budget springform cake tin: Masterclass springform cake tin, £12.99

What to look out for when choosing a springform cake tin?

Before buying a springform tin, there are a few things to consider:

  • Size: you can find springform tins in a variety of sizes, from mini ones for small individual portion cakes, to larger diameters ideal for entertaining. If the recipe you’re planning on using calls for specific dimensions, opt for one of the cake tins in our list that offers a good range of sizes.
  • Non-stick: cake tins with a non-stick surface ensure an easy release and clean finish.
  • Easy cleaning: although we generally don’t encourage it, we recognise that being able to easily pop your cake tin in the dishwasher is convenient. Just watch out for rolled lips, which can trap water.
  • Tight seal: a good springform cake should form a tight seal when closed. This ensures the cake is uniform and prevents any leaks.
  • Useful additions: these could include long handles for easy grip, silicone handles that don’t conduct heat, or even having the size of the tin written on the tin itself.

Best springform cake tins 2023

Circulon Momentum springform cake tin

Score: 5/5

Circulon Springform Tin

Best simple springform cake tin

All of Circulon’s bakeware features the same iconic concentric circle design, meaning there’s no risk of not being able to tell which base fits with which sleeve. This concentric circle design does imprint onto the base of your bakes but it’s not obtrusive and with cheesecakes you're unlikely to notice this on the underneath of your finished bake.

The clip is a little short but the springform forms a tight seal. The cheesecake released easily after baking and was evenly and consistently browned around the outside.

Although this tin is not dishwasher-safe, we found it incredibly easy to clean. Though there is a rolled lip to be aware of. This tin is only available in 23cm.

Available from:

KitchenAid springform cake tin

Score: 5/5

KitchenAid Springform

Best springform cake tin

KitchenAid is much loved for its fabulous stand mixers: in fact three feature on our best stand mixers list. So it came as no surprise when KitchenAid announced it was dipping its toes into the world of bakeware.

Featuring a solid and sturdy design, this springform tin forms a very tight seal when closed. We particularly liked the long release handle, which is significantly longer than any other on this list and made releasing the tin a breeze. This tin is dishwasher-safe but be aware of the rolled lips that can trap water.

Our final bake was evenly risen and evenly browned around the outside. There was no sticking when we released the cheesecake, which came out easily and cleanly.

This cake tin is only available in one size: 24cm.

Samuel Groves springform cake tin

Score: 5/5

Samuel Groves Springform

Best springform cake tin for eco credentials

One of things we love most about Samuel Groves is that everything in its collection is made in the UK. It also has plenty of eco-friendly positive attributes. All the items are PTFE- and PFOA-free, and there was not a spot of plastic in sight on arrival. Plus the tin comes with a lifetime guarantee, giving Samuel Groves’s bakeware and cookware the strongest eco credentials of any of the brands on this list.

In addition to all of that, its bakeware is quite simply a joy to cook with. The springform mechanism forms a tight seal and the non-stick coating released the cheesecake with ease.

Made from carbon steel, this springform tin provides an impressive even cook. Our cheesecake was evenly and consistently browned around the outside.

This cake tin isn’t dishwasher-safe. Be aware of the rolled lip when hand washing to make sure you let all excess water drain out. Both 20cm and 23cm versions are available.

Lakeland springform cake tin

Score: 5/5

Lakeland Springform

Best easy to use springform cake tin

There’s a lot we loved about this Lakeland springform cake tin, including the crucial good appearance and quality of the final bake. But, most of all, the practicalities of design are what made this springform stand out.

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The clip that holds the cake tin together has a silicone sleeve, not only making the clip easier to grip but also allowing the clip to cool faster than metal, so you can release the clip sooner without the risk of burning yourself. Also, stamped onto the bottom of the base is the cake size – a feature that only one other cake tin offered. This is helpful if you’ve got a number of different cake tins and are searching for the matching base and sleeve in a cupboard.

The cheesecake produced was fantastic, too: evenly browned all round and released easily from the pan. Choose from 20cm or 23cm tins.

Prestige Nadiya Hussain springform cake tin

Score: 4.5/5

Nadiya Springform

Best colourful cake tin

Some cake tins can look boring and uninspiring but this Prestige offering, in collaboration with Nadiya Hussain, is bright and inviting. It has a teal springform sleeve and a luxe gold base, featuring the same geometric trellis pattern we saw on the matching loaf tin.

Once sealed, we noticed the gold base moved around a little, though nothing leaked through. Our final bake was evenly cooked. It was also consistently browned around the outside. The non-stick coating is effective, also.

For ease, this tin is dishwasher-safe, though, like the KitchenAid above, it too has rolled edges. It is available in a 23cm tin only.

ProCook springform cake tin

Available from ProCook (£7.99)

Score: 4.5/5

ProCook Springform

Best springform cake tin for range of sizes

If you’re anything like us, you’ll know that just one cake tin won’t cut it. It’s useful to have a couple of different sized tins in your collection if you’re a regular baker, and even better to be able to pick up a few relatively inexpensive ones.

ProCook’s range of springform tins range from 11cm to 25.5cm, meaning you’re sure to find one for the recipe you’re planning to bake.

This tin formed a tight seal but we felt the browning around the outside of our cheesecake was a little patchy. We were happy to see that no sticking or leaking had occurred when we released the final bake.

This is a sturdy and attractive tin that won’t break the bank.

Masterclass springform cake tin

Score: 4.5/5

Masterclass Springform

Best budget springform cake tin

Looking for a good quality springform tin but not looking to break the bank? These Masterclass springforms are a fabulous choice. Made from reinforced carbon steel, these tins are sturdy so there’s no chance of one warping in the oven.

The seal formed was good but not as tight as some of the others on this list. We felt the release clip was a little short.

Our final bake was evenly risen and released easily from the tin but we did notice some distinct patchiness and unevenness in browning. These tins come in a range of sizes, from 15cm to 30cm.

How we tested springform cake tins

All the springform cake tins featured in this list were tested using a standardised testing criteria and done in controlled conditions. We put the springform cake tins to the test using Ravneet Gill’s burnt Basque cheesecake recipe. The deep caramelisation required for this recipe allowed us to see how consistently and evenly the springform browned the cheesecake, plus the liquid consistency of the pre-baked cheesecake enabled us to effectively test how secure and tight the spring mechanism was. Each springform was scored against the following criteria:

  • Appearance of final bake: we wanted to see even and consistently browned cheesecakes. All the cake tins we tested are non-stick, so we also wanted to see the cake release easily from the tin, without tearing.
  • Ease of use: a good quality springform tin should be easy to seal and open: the springform mechanism should neither be too tight so it’s hard to open and close, nor too loose, meaning the central base moves around a lot. We also wanted to see springforms that are easy to clean and free from dirt traps. Being dishwasher-safe is a plus but, for simple cakes, this may not be needed. We also looked out for rolled edges, which have a tendency to trap water.
  • Quality of design features: we looked for springform cake tins that formed a tight seal when closed. Additional features, such as silicone handles and/or long handles were a plus. We also favoured simple design features such as seeing the size of the tin printed somewhere.
  • Value for money: we asked whether the quality of design and additional features aligned with the price of the tin.

To find out more about how testing appliances and tools is done at olive, head over to our how we test page.

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