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Create your own Korean-style banquet, including bulgogi burgers, punchy salads and BBQ meats. We also have a step-by-step guide to homemade kimchi. Read local Back Kimyung's guide to South Korean food here, including street food dishes, banquet-style dining and family traditions.

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Easy Korean recipes

Jinjuu's Korean fried chicken

This Korean fried chicken (or jin chick) is the signature dish at Korean chef Judy Joo's Jinjuu in Soho. Served with a fiery gochujang red sauce or black soy sauce and a side of pickled white radish, it's irresistible.

Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

Bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef)

Beef is made incredibly tender thanks to a sweet soy sauce marinade in this popular Korean dish.

A bowl of Bulgogi topped with sliced spring onions

Gochujang cabbage, coriander and apple salad

Korean chilli paste, ginger and lime make a punchy dressing for this refreshing vegetable salad, brightened up with plenty of fresh mint and coriander.

Korean Salad Recipe With Apples, Cabbage and Turnips

Fridge drawer kimchi

Homemade kimchi is a great way to use up any leftover vegetables hanging about in your fridge. If you can't find Korean chilli flakes, just use dried chilli flakes instead.

A glass jar filled with pickled vegetables

Korean spicy radish salad

A common Korean side dish, this spicy salad is easy to put together and makes a great topping for bibimbap.

Bowl of julienned radishes topped with sesame seeds

Korean-style chicken stew

A hearty dish with a gochujang kick, this chicken stew with jasmine rice is guaranteed to heat things up at dinnertime.

Korean Chicken Stew Recipe with Gochujang

Korean-inspired chilli-cheese fries

Load fries with Korean chilli flakes, gochujang, coriander and plenty of cheese for an indulgent sharing dish to serve at your next gathering.

Korean Cheese Fries Recipe

Korean bossam

Pork is a firm favourite in Korean dishes and plays a starring role in this recipe, wrapped in soft cabbage leaves and complemented by crunchy and spicy fillings.

A large plate and two smaller plates of pork belly, radish salad and lettuce leaves next to a ramekin of sauce

Bulgogi burgers with quick-pickled cucumbers

Gochujang paste adds a chilli kick to these beef burgers, inspired by the Koren grilled meat dish, bulgogi. They're served with pickled Lebanese cucumbers and shredded cabbage for extra crunch.

Korean Burger Recipe For Bulgogi Burgers with Gochujang

Cucumber kimchi

Check out this quick and easy recipe for mini cucumber kimchi. Packed with punchy, peppery gochugaru and fiery ginger, these Korean-inspired fermented cucumbers are ideal for a summer BBQ.

Cucumber Kimchi sliced in half with kimchi sprinkled on top, served in a deep speckled blue and grey bowl

Korean king oyster mushrooms

The bold, punchy flavours of doenjang amplify the rich, savoury taste of Korean king oyster mushrooms in this recipe.

Plate with pile of mushrooms and buttery sauce topped with chillies

Bacon and egg bibimbap

We've given a classic Korean dish a new twist with this bacon and egg bibimbap. Prep all the veg before cooking the rice, so it stays warm while you cook the toppings.

Bibimbap Recipe

Jjigae beef and kimchi stew

Check out our easy stew with beef shin, gochugaru (Korean chilli flakes) and fermented Korean chilli paste. This easy one-pot may take some time, but it makes the perfect warming dish.

Kimchi Jjigae Soup with Beef

Korean-style short ribs

This recipe for slow-braised short ribs uses gochujang – a Korean paste made from hot red peppers and fermented soy beans which gives a savoury, spicy umami depth. We've included instructions on how to make them in a slow cooker, too.

Slow Cooker Korean Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Bibigo's bo-saam pork belly

This Korean-style dish of slow-cooked pork gets a smart makeover at Bibigo restaurant. To make very neat pork slices, press it after cooking.

Bo-Saam Pork Belly Recipe

Korean-style roast pork

A great way to serve a crowd – let everyone dig in and make their own Korean-style lettuce wraps. Cook the pork a day ahead if you like, then glaze and reheat to serve – just make sure it’s piping hot all the way through.

Korean Slow Roast Pork Shoulder Recipe

Korean-style lamb chops with spicy sesame cucumber salad

Try this easy Korean-inspired BBQ recipe at home. Lamb chops are marinated in a sweet-sour sauce, then grilled and served with spicy cucumber salad and chilli sauce.

Korean-style lamb chops with spicy sesame cucumber salad

Quick Korean-inspired burgers

Try our quick burgers with a great Korean twist. Kimchi paste is now much easier to get hold of and is a great way to spice up a burger.

Quick Korean burgers

Red cabbage kimchi

Lacto-fermenting vegetables is an ancient way of preserving fresh food to last all year and the process of fermenting increases both nutrient and probiotic levels, making these the healthiest pickles around. One of the best-known ferments is gloriously spicy kimchi from Korea.

More like this
Red Cabbage Kimchi Recipe

Kimchi dogs

Korean-style kimchi is one of those foods that goes really well with other cuisines. Burgers, hotdogs and cheese sandwiches can all be perked up with a spoonful. If you don’t want to make your own kimchi, there are loads of ready-made varieties available.

Kimchi hotdogs

Buttermilk-fried squid and kimchi tacos

A new way with squid. Fried in crunchy breadcrumbs and served with lots of Korean spices, as well as kimchi, the traditional fermented vegetable side dish.

Taco Recipe with fried squid rings and kimchi on a black rectangular plate

Bulgogi cheese steak

Philly cheese steak and Korean bulgogi is a marriage made in heaven sometimes known as a koagie. This indulgent sandwich is super easy to make.

Bulgogi cheese steak sandwich

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