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Students can quickly put on their uniforms and get to school on time. The natural order of the playground will assert itself regardless. However, certain garments have been common to students in former times: From the 16th century, students especially of secondary or grammar schools and similar institutions were often subject to regulations that prescribed, for example, modest and not too stylish attire. Parents and teachers support school uniforms. But if these kinds of messages have political value or content, you may have more freedom to wear them.
Time can be better utilized for other activities rather than choosing out what outfit will look best. These uniforms have become a rich revenue source for kiddie-clothing companies like French Toast, which has a verbose Web site dedicated to their magical properties. I am sure the kids were left traumatised by the experience of being told off for doing something they shouldn't have. As we toured its grand halls and not so grand classrooms, Mrs Holyoak, the headmistress, explained that she hated the thought of having to see corridors full of girls in drab, grey uniforms day after day after day.

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