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Picking up a woman to fuck her is just for show, it does nothing for the experience, just lay her down and concentrate on making those toes curl
Mia Khalifa has a hot body and is good looking but not beautiful like some ppl seem to think.  She has a big nose.  However, she has an amazing body but is not a raving beauty and could take a cock like no other.  I would love to see her doing her sexpert work on a girl for once instead of her always being on the receiving end.  IMAO
J'aimerais beaucoup avoir une collègue de bureaux pareille, elle me fait bander terriblement, donc elle serait surprise par ma grosse queue si elle me surprenait me masturber dans les toilettes mais ce serait une jouissance de sentir sa petite main bien fraîche saisir fermement mon gros sucre d'orge et une fois sa petite jupe soulevée le diriger vers sa fente.
I think she isn't a real elf guys. My mommy told me 3 weeks ago Santa isn't real. If Santa isn't real, than who the fuck are the elves working for? Unless they are not real as well.
The use of a fake dick seems inappropriate when there are hundreds of thousands of men who would do this for her. When it comes time to pay for dinner, let her pull out the fake dick and show it to the cashier.
think its time to dye her hair again i been procrasinating
I don't know why but bigger girls from my experience always have the best feeling pussys. And they never push me away when i go balls deep. They can always take a dick.
I had taken to wearing my football uniform whenever I was at home. The second change was my wardrobe. Like: DRY. However, that was just one of the many things that changed in my life. I love my husband very much, and we're compatible sexually in almost every way.
However, that was just one of the many things that changed in my life. After I got through everything I needed to get done today, I researched football some more, and what players I should look up to. I knew going in that he was young, and would want to explore and have different sexual experiences—so I have always been ok with us having an open relationship after he first cheated. Don't try to "fix" him; he's not broken, and convos about fixing someone almost always elicit defensiveness. There is a fix: decent-tasting, non-oily lube like this and this and this.

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