An Unholy Act


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News in general, and investigative news, in particular, is a public good. On Saturday, January 11, , Father Provost had taken a group of boys and girls, aged between six and sixteen, to swim at a public athletic facility in Gardner, a town about fifteen miles away. This was very hard for him to do—to tell on Father. Regulators will have to asses what the merger will do to the plurality of the news market, rather than focus solely on the benefits or harms to the consumers of the merging entities. He always seemed at odds with authority, but with kids he was comfortable, relaxed—that is, until they reached about fifteen.
Nothing was said about our pastor, Father Ronald Provost, by this stranger in white alb and green stole; the Mass went on, as we were taught that it should, regardless of the celebrant. The day before, a grand jury had indicted Father Provost on a charge of posing a child in a state of nudity. Four hundred bulletins—do you know how long it takes to turn them out each week? Ron walked in, pulled out his book, and, without saying a word to the woman, or to her daughters, standing at the bedside, began reading the anointing prayers.

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