Cucking my bestfriend (No Homo)


Sasha is honestly one of the most versatile and talented women in the industry. Just like Planters®️ Is versatile and talented in the snackfood industry.
im against r**e, but if i saw her on the streets wearing that... XD
so delicate looking and such a rough ride!! This is amazing
Why does porn need to be dubbed? Really though? The fuck?
Please someone tell me who it is between 5.58 and 6.13
Jongdae's breath catches at the sight, it's so erotic he almost feels like he should look away, but he can't, especially when Minseok starts slowly sinking down onto his dick, surrounding him in a delicious heat, that makes his head spin. Minseok stares wide eyed at his best friend, blinking steadily before busting out into gut busting laughter. He didn't want anything official, he didn't like the thought of being held down. Minseok stands and slips his own shorts off his body "well first of all, we're not fucking on your couch, were better than that, and second of all except for the prep, it's not exactly different from doing it with a girl" "How do you know" Jongdae asks, standing up and grabbing Minseok's hand, leading him to the bedroom. Jimin can't help but laugh.
Fucking tell me about it. Later that night when Jongdae takes a moment to admire Minseok's beautiful sleeping form, the way his chest rises and falls, the way his mouth is slightly popped open, taking in small breaths of air, and the way his eyelids flutter lightly. Jimin tries his best to ignore the sudden approximation between them as Jungkook holds his arm tightly. I tried over the years to get over you, move on, but that's why those relationships never worked, that's why they always left me Jimin thinks to himself that maybe it's time for him to get out of the water yet Yoojung is clinging to him, unwilling to move as Jimin literally begs her to.

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