The Third Pill [Slavoj Zizek]


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Consequently, the problem with the film is that it is NOT "crazy" enough, because it supposes another "real" reality behind our everyday reality sustained by the Matrix. Are men the property of the state? What we can learn from a film like Wizard of Oz is how the logic of de-mystificationis not enough. Maybe, it was in this sense that the late Lacan designated himself as "psychotic": he effectively was psychotic insofar as it was not possible to integrate his discourse into the field of the big Other. Perhaps, an even better solution would have been the toilet: is not the domain where excrements vanish after we flush the toilet effectively one of the metaphors for the horrifyingly-sublime Beyond of the primordial, pre-ontological Chaos into which things disappear?
So, of course, the problem here is, are we able to encounter in cinema the emotion of anxiety, or is cinema as such a fake? As such, the pervert's universe is the universe of pure symbolic order, of the signifier's game running its course, unencumbered by the Real of human finitude. You do something to a woman, but you never know what the reaction will be. This paranoiac stance acquired a further boost with today's digitalization of our daily lives: when our entire social existence is progressively externalized-materialized in the big Other of the computer network, it is easy to imagine an evil programmer erasing our digital identity and thus depriving us of our social existence, turning us into non-persons. So it seems as if the dream is the realisation of what he was looking for.

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